Mikayla Timm attends CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, CA

Mikayla Timm attends CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, CA

Giving a spotlight talk and poster presentation of my research at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2019) this summer has given me valuable experience in presenting and communicating my work with others in the community.

Timm - FGVC6 Spotlight

Thanks to CS Women and Women for UMass, I was able to attend CVPR 2019, a top-tier computer vision conference, located in Long Beach, California! I had the privilege of presenting my research at the conference in the 6th Fine-grained Visual Categorization workshop. Introducing my research in a spotlight talk in front of hundreds of people was an empowering experience, and a great opportunity for me to practice my public speaking skills.

Convention Center

Many people attended the conference from academia and industry alike, all congregating together with the common goal of furthering the advancement of computer vision. I had the chance to network with many professors and fellow graduate students whose research I’ve been following. I also got the chance to talk with industry professionals about how their companies use computer vision and machine learning to improve user experiences.

Long Beach Convention Center

I’ve greatly enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about my area of research, share my work with others, and network with the computer vision community this summer in Long Beach!

A huge thank you to Women for UMass Amherst and CS Women for supporting my research aspirations by helping fund my trip to CVPR!

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