UMass Amherst CS Women was founded almost 25 years by Professor Lori Clarke as a community to support and serve women faculty and graduate students. Since its beginning, the group’s vibrant leadership has been spearheaded by graduate women addressing the changing needs of our community.

Today we serve almost a hundred graduate women. Our membership has expanded to include female undergraduate computer science majors from the five colleges, as well as advocates of any gender who promote the interests of women in computing.

Our focus is on community building. We work closely with the faculty and staff of the College of Information and Computer Sciences to provide programs and services for our female-identified students. We also organize social events, lectures, and other professional activities that are open to all students in the College of Information and Computer Sciences.

Two graduate women students, often joined by two undergraduate women, serve as co-chairs for 2-semester terms. If you would like to get involved, email us at womenchairs@cs.umass.edu.