Get Involved!

Are you interested in…

  • Helping us attract and retain more female students and faculty in CS?
  • Finding a mentor or a mentee?
  • Getting involved in k-12 outreach opportunities?
  • Socializing with other women in computing?
  • Brainstorming on how we could better serve the UMass community?

All of these and more are great reasons to get involved with CS Women!

To get in touch with us, please send us an email at

Positions & Officers

Why get more involved with CS Women? Officers have a high degree of contact with faculty and are asked to participate in high-profile events. It’s a great way to make friends, make research connections, and have fun or whatever.

For applications requiring you specify your status in the program, please include both academic program (e.g., M.S in Computer Science) and year, where year is your numeric year in the program (not the qualitative descriptor, such as “sophomore” or “PhD candidate”).