Emma Tosch
Emma Tosch

Fall Technical Workshop Series Wrapping Up

Fall Technical Workshop Series Wrapping Up

With the semester fast coming to an end, we want to announce the topic of our last technical workshop of the semester: Advanced Git, lead by Bobby Powers. Bobby volunteered after attending Cibele Freire’s LaTeX workshop. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 1.

We’d like to thank our dedicated teachers for the following workshops:

Shamya Karumbaiah Git
Tian Guo UNIX basics
Cibele Freire LaTeX
Apoorva Balevalachilu Bash One-Liners

We’d also like to thank the rest of the team for their tactical support throughout the program. Although there was a single teacher at the front of the classroom, we developed materials as a team, and provided teaching support during the workshops. The camaraderie amongst teachers and subsequent support they provided to the students was better than we’d imagined! Our teachers were a mix of male and female graduate students, and the attendees were both male and female undergraduate and graduate students. The proportion of women in attendence was consistently over 50%!

Git workshop in action

Unix workshop

Latex workshop in action